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Haeundae Beach
Swoosh! Waves invade the sands of the beach, refreshing completely your fatigued soul, washing away all your troubles. The ocean embraces you. Seagulls fly over as your toes are tickled by the sands’ soft touch all along the golden shore. This is Haeundae, a beach that will fill your heart with a longing that you could stay here forever.
Getting there
-From Gimhae Airport: Airport Limousine Bus No. 2 ▶ Novotel Ambassador Hotel Bus Stop
-From Busan Station: Transfer to Metro Line 2 at Seomyeon ▶ Get off at Haeundae (Exit 3 & 5)
-Metro: Line 2 Haeundae Station (Exits 3 & 5) ▶ Walk 600m in the direction of Haeundae Beach
Gwangalli Beach
The key words for Gwangalli are youth, passion and luxury. Even the silence of the dawn shines at the sound of the waves lapping the sands and even the quiet seashore of the late afternoon awakens you to the value of life. Gwangalli surprises you because things transcend reality here. In Gwangalli, you are pleasantly surprised by small acts of compassion because you did not expect them. These are the attractions of Gwangalli and the reasons why you have to visit Gwangalli.
Getting there
-From Gimhae Airport: Airport Limousine Bus No. 2 ▶ Namcheondong (in front of Hwamok Apt.)
-From Busan Station: Transfer to Metro Line 2 at Seomyeon ▶ Line 2 Gwangan Station (Exit 3&5)
-Metro: Line 2 Gwangan Station ▶ 800m in the direction of Gwangalli Beach
Nampodong, Traditional Heart of the City
Many refugees from other parts of the country settled in Busan during the Korean War. Busan was designated as the country's temporary capital city and Nampo-dong was at its center. Since then, people and cultures from other parts of the country have mingled here and this mingling has resulted in a harmonious diversity, among people of different backgrounds. Nostalgic memories of the old days still live on in Nampo-dong. Harmony also exists here among the ultramodern urban facilities, the land and the ocean. Nampo-dong is full of human stories.
Getting there
-From Gimhae Airport: Airport Limousine Bus No. 1 ▶ Jagalchi Market Entrance
-From Busan Station: Metro Line 1 Nampo (Exit 2)
-Metro: Line 1 Nampo (Exit 2) ▶ 300m in the direction of Jagalchi Street
Feverish Fun of Seomyeon
When night falls, colorful neon signs are lit one by one. The passion of these streets never dims and lives on into the night. Delightful music, lively people and colorful lighting will lift your spirits. This is Seomyeon, the busiest area in Busan.
Getting there
-From Gimhae Airport: Airport Limousine Bus (Busan station) ▶ Seomyeon Lotte
-From Busan Station: Metro Line No. 1 (Seomyeon)
-Metro: Line 1 & 2 (Seomyeon)
Dongnae, Nature and Nobility
In the peaceful landscape of Dongnae, traces of times past are intact. In Dongnae, the traditional and the graceful coexist. Abundant peace of mind and joyful love of the arts live on there.
Getting there
-From Gimhae Airport: Bus 307 ▶ Megamart Dongnae Spot
-From Busan Station: Metro Line 1, to Dongnae
-Metro: Metro Line 1 to Dongnae

※ Busan City Tour Bus
By City Tour Course, you can be free to use three lines of Red Line (Busan Station↔Haeundae), Green Line(Yonghoman↔Oryukdo Islets), Blue Line(Haeundae ↔ Yonggungsa), and Yellow Line(Yonggungsa↔Gijang Market) with one piece of one-day pass for a day without any additional charge.

☞ One day Pass: KRW15,000 (Adults) / KRW8,000 (Children)
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